In the last fifteen years working with a Digital Audio Workstations has become a standard for the entire arts and audio industries. A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is an application software used both for recording, editing and post producing audio files both for live performances and audio installations.

Cinema industries, museums, recordings studio, producers and composers need to make a choice about which DAW is best, discerning features, resources and workflow that every DAW company offers.

Numerous audio software programs have emerged from many needs in the art industry. Deciding what DAW you will be using, can be difficult and sometimes not sufficient to meet all your artistic needs. The complexity, regarding compatibility problems and pricing, could be resolved by readings the following guide about most popular and used DAWs

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is only available for Mac users and offers an incredible user friendly way of producing. Suffice it to say that it is possible to manage this DAW with the SIRI voice-command, using it for easy tasks as; hitting records or pausing. The iPad app (Logic Remote) offers an innovative way to mix and extend your creative power.

Furthermore this DAW offers you a massive collection of plug-ins, loops, sounds and synthesizers giving you the possibility to create an automated drummer according to the genre and bpm of your production. Besides, the tool also offers other sophisticated tools and plug-ins for songwriting to improve the level of your music production.

The actual price of this DAW is about  €229,99, but a student discount is offered which makes it possible to  obtain this DAW for €199,99. This offer includes the entire Pro Apps Bundle for Education including examples as the powerful video editing: Final Cut.

Interested in more information about the Logic Pro X DAW, click here.

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Cubase 10

Cubase 10 is available for both Mac and Windows users and includes a large variety of plug-ins and more than 5 GB of samples and loops produced by;

  • Florian Meindl
  • Beat Butcha
  • Rawtekk

Also in the case of Cubase 10, the software is fully controllable by an iPad via “Cubase iC Pro” app in which is possible mix and play instruments from this.

Furthermore Steinberg, a DAW companie that produce also more specific audio softwares as Wavelabs, created a mini DAW in your DAW called; Cubasis 2. The mini DAW works independently from your computer resining full compatibility with it.

Cubase 10 is available in three versions:

  1. Elements,
  2. Artist and
  3. Pro

Depending on the size and complexity of your projects with a different price and a convenient student discount. The pro version that has all the features has the cost of €559,00 but with an educational licence you can save up the 40% of the price.

Interested in more information about the Cubase 10 DAW, click here.

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 is available both for Mac and Windows users. This DAW is popular both for its editing and recording. Ableton Live 10 allows you to use this software as an ordinary DAW, but can be used in multiple ways;

  1. Live viewing
  2. Live electronics sets
  3. Live DJ sets

Considering Ableton 10 Live other than that it includes several plug-ins and a massive collections of soundpacks, sound libraries and other content itself, another software program, called MAX Msp is included. In MAX Msp it is possible to create your own plug-ins and synthetizes. With these options you can overcome difficult setbacks.

Ableton Live 10  is available in three versions:

  1. Ableton Live 10 Intro
  2. Ableton Live 10 Standard
  3. Ableton Live 10 Suite

Each individual version, is sharing common features with the respectively limitations. The suite version is available for €599,00. Purchasing an education licence the price will be €359,00. Furthermore Ableton Live 10 provides you a user friendly and totally compatible midi controller called Ableton push available in two versions and used both for production.

Interested in more information about the Cubase 10 DAW, click here.

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Studio One 4

Studio One 4 is a DAW which is designed for offering intuitive editing tools, advanced virtual instruments and a helpful arrange in tracks. Studio One 4 is available for both Mac and Windows users and has an entire suite of plug ins and synthesisers including the Harmonic Edition. These functions are available in order to simplify  the streamline, the song writing and music creation process.

This last version of Studio One has the online Cloud Services including: the PreSonus Shop, PreSonus Exchange, and their unique bi-directional SoundCloud integration. With the “Studio One Remote” app for iPad it is possible to have a flexible and mobile remote for recording, mixing and editing while being away from the computer. Studio One 4 is originally available for €399.30, but is also in this case asking for a student discount.

Interested in more information about the Studio One 4 DAW, click here.

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Fruity loops

Representing more than 20 years of innovative development, Fruity loops offers you the possibility to compose, record and edit with an incredibly arrange mode thanks to its impressive piano roll, including more than 80 plug-ins.

Fruity loops has the possibility to be controlled by the free Wi-Fi app: ILRemote, which allows you to manage different functions as: Performance Mode (Clip Launcher), Gross Beat FX, Mixer and more.

This software is available in four editions:

  1. Fruity edition,
  2. Producer edition,
  3. Signature bundle and
  4. Fruity Studio + all plugins

The most advanced version will cost you €812,00. Just like all the other DAW’s, Fruity Loops offers students a discount for the Signature Bundle.

Interested in more information about the Fruity Loops DAW, click here.

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Reaper is a full flexible and stable DAW and actually is used in home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and many more. This DAW has an easy interface and an efficient audio-MIDI routing. Furthermore Reaper offers the possibility to open at the same time while several work sessions are active. This function might be seen as a “must-have”, since working contemporary with different routing for working sessions is a must for music production nowadays.

Reaper is controllable via only “DAW Control” app, unfortunately this app has several limitations compared to others DAW-competitors. Reaper is available in a complete version for the student discount price of €60 or alternatively is possible purchasing a commercial license for €225.

Interested in more information about the Reaper DAW, click here.

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Maschine by Native instruments, although it is not properly a DAW, is a powerful software for producing music. As by Ableton Live it is possible to use this in a live performances and furthermore it is possible to use this software as a normal plug-in compatible for all the DAWs.

This software also, thanks to its midi interfaces and his more than 45 Gb of sounds and effect, allows you to create full tracks staying in the creative comfort zone with a truly hands-on, optimized layout. This software is available with the purchasing of a midi native controller our other Native instruments products.

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