• november 16, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Networking and collaboration with other musicians have always been an important thing for us to help both our students as professional artists with. Hence we are proud to introduce the next repeating event at MPA: The Writing Sessions.

Stimulating creativity & musical collaborations

Initiated with performing artist/producer/audio engineer ReauBeau, the Writing Sessions are meant for professional producers and vocalists to make tracks together in an atmosphere that stimulates the creativity with MPA’s facilities to also help achieve the best possible results in making music. Whilst doing this, networking together to establish further creative collaborations is another goal for each Writing Session we host.

Talent opportunities

Aside from the artists that are invited by ReauBeau at the sessions we do together, we also invite vocalists out of the MPA Community and students or graduates from MPA. Creating these opportunities is important for us: not only so that our students can work on their career whilst still studying at MPA, but also to provide local vocal talent the chance to flourish due to a collaboration with an established producer.


Be part of a Writing Session as an artist?

Are you a vocal talent that wishes to join in on one of the sessions? Then send your demo to info@musicproductionacademy.com under the name ‘Writing Sessions demo’ or join the monthly Open Jamsession at MPA. Wish to join as a producer? Then check out our Courses here to become an MPA student.

Organize a Writing Session with MPA?

Are you representing a label, agency or are you an established producer who wishes to host a Writing Session at MPA? Then message us through the contact form on the website to get in touch with us and learn more about the opportunities we can provide for you and your artists in both networking, facilitating a session, creating content and much more.