MASTERCLASS 19:00 – 21:00 I FEEDBACK SESSION FROM 21:00 – 22:00

Splice up your sounds with Mystic Pulse!

One of the most popular tools of modern producers is the usage of Splice. Dragging and droppings sounds to enrich your song is a day to day activity for many of us now. But how to work with these samples? Which to use with which genre? And how to organize your library in such a way that you keep oversight? This and many more questions we’ll dive into with this masterclass hosted by our very own Mystic Pulse. 

So whether you use Ableton, Logic or another DAW, this event is suitable for all producers that are using – or are interested in using – Splice as their main sample library. 


Listening session afterwards

As with many other events, we follow up the workshop with a listening session. So, register on time and bring your music. Then after the workshop you get the chance to receive feedback on your tracks by MPA’s teachers and fellow producers. 

New at MPA? This event is a great opportunity to get to know us and of course discover everything about the upcoming music production courses, with – among others – our redeemed flagship education program, the MPA Full Course, starting in March.