Course Catalogue


The Full Course is a complete music course that will redefine your production skills. The Full Course comprises of four stages: Introduction to sound theory, mixing, career specialization and graduation projects. Every stage finishes with a theoretical and practical examination.


In the first year of the Full Course you went from passion to production and it’s time to take the next time in your career. In the second year we will work on your development as a producer, composer, audio engineer and performing artist. The subjects you already gained knowledge of will be deepened among these subjects you will find advanced mixing, compositions and sound design.


It’s time to unleash your passion and evolve your ideas into professional productions with your own sounds. Follow these lessons to learn all the advanced techniques in order to produce hardstyle, hardcore/uptempo and other related genres. Our course will lead to productions which are up to professional standards and lasting connections in the scene.


Do you want your beats to rise to the next level, compose your own music for your vocals and release your own professional music in the Hip-Hop scene? Then you can learn the skills to make professional productions from Mucky in the Hip-Hop Course! 


Get the most out of your Maschine software and hardware! In eight lessons you will learn advanced techniques, improving workflow and how to apply the endless possibilities of Maschine to your music. The Maschine Course consists of three phases. Once you have mastered the basics, the teacher will discuss in detail the possibilities of the software and the instrument for the studio and live.


Do you want to influence a room with your sets? Then follow the DJ Course at Music Production Academy! In a lesson package composed for you, you learn the aspects of the DJ profession using the very best hardware: from setup to technique and phasing to tension arcs. During the DJ lesson you get one-on-one with the teacher, which makes intensive and very personal guidance possible. This way you can go on stage with confidence.


Do you want to learn all about creating House and Tech-house? Jake a.k.a. Jamback is a known artist in the scene and is definitely not holding back on his production secrets. Please note that this course is taught in Dutch, so you can request private lessons if you want to know more about producing house and tech-house in Ableton Live.


Do you want something else other than the courses we offer – something that caters your specific needs? Then, Private Lessons have your back! Form a curriculum with one of our teachers on what you want to learn in music production, and start exploring.



At MPA, we think it is very important to also offer quality education in DJing and music production to the younger target group. These lessons can therefore be taken as private lessons at a reduced rate, which can be scheduled seven days a week.