Besides booking our spaces, musicians can choose several of our studio services. Thanks to our team of specialists, we deliver the right set of skills and experience required to reach professional recordings and mixes.

vocal recordings

At MPA we understand how important a good vocal recording is. With our specialized audio and recordings engineers and facilities, we help artists to feature top vocals on their productions. With our extensive selection of microphones, vocalists are ensured of using a microphone that fits their voice best. We offer you one the most affordable high-quality recording studios in Rotterdam, which are also very suitable for recording hip-hop and rap.

Vocal recordings are possible starting from €30,- per hour without an audio engineer and €60,- per hour with an audio engineer. If you decide to book several sessions, we offer a package price. Book an intake with one of our audio engineers to discuss your wishes and plan your first recording sessions.


We offer mixing services for music productions, podcasts, YouTube shows and more! You name it, we mix it. Because the teachers at MPA have their own specialization, artists are assured that their music is being mixed by an audio engineer that fits their genre.

Mixing services can be done from €75,- per track. The rates of our mixing services depend on the size of each specific project. Please contact one of our audio engineers to receive more information about our rates, discuss your wishes and help you get the best possible mixdown out of your productions.