Besides booking our spaces, musicians can choose several of our studio services. Thanks to our team of specialists, we deliver the right set of skills and experience required to reach professional recordings and mixes.


At MPA we understand how important a good vocal recording is. With our specialized audio and recordings engineers and facilities, we help artists to feature top vocals on their productions. With our extensive selection of microphones, vocalists are ensured of using a microphone that fits their voice best. We offer you one the most affordable high-quality recording studios in Rotterdam, which are also very suitable for recording hip-hop and rap. Our teachers are happy to help you in the studio while you record your next hit!

The pricing for Vocal Recording is calculated on an hourly basis:

65.-/hour (excl. tax)


We offer mixing services for music productions, podcasts, YouTube shows and more! You name it, we mix it. Because the teachers at MPA have their own specialization, artists are assured that their music is being mixed by an audio engineer that fits their genre.

The pricing for Mixing is calculated based on the number of stems in the track that needs mixing:

10 Stems 100.- (excl. tax)

≤ 25 Stems 150.- (excl. tax)

≤ 50 Stems 200.- (excl. tax)


We’ve got your back with mastering services for both electronic productions and vocals (for any music genre) as well as for full band recordings. Since the teachers at MPA have their own specializations, artists are assured that their music is being mastered by an audio engineer that fits their genre. Our teachers have been mixing and mastering for renown artists for years and ensure to help you on your way of becoming one! 

The pricing for Mastering is calculated per track:

25.-/track + €5,25 BTW


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Stems are individual parts that make up a track. E.g. a synth instrument is one stem, and a drum set is another one.
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A track is a single song's project file.


You can visit MPA six days a week during opening hours and of course during our events. Our studios can also be booked in the evenings. To start your educational journey at MPA, we recommend to schedule an appointment with a teacher or visit one of our events. Contact us and we will make it happen.