“I came to MPA to improve my sound and make it more classy.  To get there, I knew I needed some professionals around me to get things done. That’s why I started the Full Course and came to class every week. The teachers are very talented and transferred a good vibe. The impression I got at my first visit remained the same: cool people with so much knowledge. I can really describe MPA as an eye opener and homecoming in one.”

Ron Heppener

Graduate, Full Course

“After years of producing, I was looking for the best educational program to help make my music sound better. MPA turned out to be a very good step. I am really satisfied with what I am producing since I graduated. I get better label signings and my releases have never been more popular. In short, I can really recommend it.  If you are making music on your own and then follow a Course at MPA, you will go further. Guaranteed.”

Elder Meijning

Graduate, Full Course

“After making music for two years started following the Full Course trough Private Lessons with Didier de Ruyter. So far it has really helped me improve my music by learning a lot I would not have figured out on my own. For example mixing techniques. First figure things out at home and then taking a course at MPA I can really recommended.”

Chesrey Edwardson

Student, Private Lessons

“For years I have been producing tracks and attending classes at various schools to improve my mixes. At MPA I finally found the lessons I was looking for. Along with Marijn Nikerk I worked with utmost focus on my projects with a clear structure. So in six months time I really improved the mixes of my music.”

Psiertje Boukhit

Student, Private Lessons

“Hardstyle festivals have motivated me to start making my own music; so following the MPA Hardstyle Course was a great opportunity. I started without any experience, but are now not only able to produce hardstyle tracks: I have also learned to make music in general. The deep knowledge that the teacher has about music production and hardstyle played a big part in achieving this. He was always able to keep the difference in experience between the students into account whilst teaching. And he provided all the essential knowledge to stimulate the creative process. I am so pleased to now be able to produce music for the rest of my life and put my passion into practice.”

Maarten Mulder

Student, Hardstyle Course

“Everyone within the Course has the same passion and that really creates a bond. I started the Hardstyle Course without experience in producing, but now understand the know-how of making kicks, leads and screeches. With this I can really develop my own sound in next years. The personal guidance I got in the Course definitely played a part in the rapid progress I have made. And the facilities are great for following classes and using the studios for my productions. In short, I’m very happy to have followed the Hardstyle Course and can definitely recommend it to aspiring producers who wish to make progress in their productions and want to network within the scene.”

Sjors Stoepman

Student, Hardstyle Course

“Being rather new to music prodution, being taught by Richard in Maschine has showed me so many possibilities. When I need inspiration to make a track, I now use Maschine to stimulate my workflow. In short, the classes at MPA really opened up a previously unknown world to me that I now keep exploring every day.”

Ronnie Poeljes

Student, Maschine Course / Full Course

“Richard’s experience as a teacher is very noticeable and his expertise in Maschine is impressive. Personally I have worked with Maschine for a while, but thanks to Richard I got to explore so much more of its possibilities. In addition, the facilities are amazing. MPA really stands for what they promise with their slogan: From Passion to Production.”

Leroy Rodrigues

Student, Maschine Course / Full Course

“After learning to produce on my own, it was great to take the next steps in progressing myself with the Producer Clinics. Sjoerd provided me with so many useful tips that improved my workflow and made my mixes better. All whilst keeping my music genre into account. I now aim to further study in music production, I can really recommend the Producer Clinics as a stepping stone to improve your skills.”

Tim Verburg

Student, Producer Clincs

“MPA was recommended to me by Franky Nuts and when I attended a workshop by Sjoerd, I was immediately convinced. The lessons took place in a very relaxed atmosphere, making it feel more like a group of friends. Additionally Sjoerd’s explanations were to the point. What Sjoerd taught me I could readily implement in my productions, which shows in the music I’m now able to make.”

Tim van Oudheusden

Student, Producer Clinics

“After graduating from the Full Course, I started the DJ Clinics with Beau. Just like the Full Course, it’s been a great experience so far. From combining different genres in one set to using effects: Beau has helped me improve my skills each lesson whilst adapting to my music genres. My daughter also follows the DJ Clinics with Beau, and is equally pleased. We both look forward to taking more classes with him this year.”

Arnaldo Lima

Student, DJ Clinics

“Beau is a true virtuoso, he has so much talent as a DJ and producer. You notice this when he teaches. Drum & bass was not his style, but he adapted effortlessly and taught me what I wanted to know. After the DJ Clinics I immediately moved to Shanghai, where I have since successfully performed a number of times and still DJ at parties. All thanks to the lessons at MPA.”

Cedric van Parys

Student, DJ Clinics


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